Baggot Street Medical

General Practice Services

General Medical Services - Baggot Street Medical

Baggot Street Medical provides a full range of medical advice, treatment and investigations relevant to general practice to people living and working in Dublin City including  Dublin 2, Dublin 4 and  Dublin 6.

In addition to providing treatment for specific and acute illnesses, we offer advice and screening for many medical conditions and provide management of chronic conditions.  Call us on 01 906 0456

Baggot Street Medical Services

Womens Health


Fertility Assessment
Contraception Options
Antenatal Care
Menopause Assessment
Cervical Smear Test
Breast Examination
Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

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Sexual Health

Sexual Health - Baggot Street Medical

Baggot Street Medical provides STI screening for the following:

Bacterial Vaginosis
Hepatitis B and C
Syphilis and HIV

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Health Screening

Health Screening - Baggot Street Medical

Full Medical Checkup
Pre-Employment Medicals
Insurance Claim Medicals
Fitness To Work Medical
Legal Reports
Drivers License Medical

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Paediatrics - Baggot Street Medical

Skin Problems
Baby Checks

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Immunisations - Baggot Street Medical

Adult Immunisations
Childhood Immunisations
Travel Vaccinations
Gardasil Immunisations For Boys / Girls

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Blood Tests

Blood Tests - Baggot Street Medical

Anemia Tests
Coeliac Tests
Allergy Blood Tests
Kidney Function
Liver Function
Vitamin D Test
AMH Test
Prostate Blood Test

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Skin & Dermatology

Skin & Dermatology - Baggot Street Medical

Treatment Of Acne
Treatment Of Skin Rashes
Mole Check
Warts & Verruca Removal
Removal Of Skin Lesions

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Cosmetic Dermatology

Cosmetic Dermatology - Baggot Street Medical

Skin Consultation
Anti Wrinkle Injections
Filler Injections

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